My Crafting Story

My passion for crafting first began at ten years old.  My best friend and I would come home from school and immediately go to our craft room, take out our wooden stamps, heating tools, embossing powders, and paper and spend hours making cards, pictures, bookmarks, and more.  We learned about the tools and skills involved in stamping and embossing, but when our favorite stamping store closed its doors, I ventured out further into the crafting world and into scrapbooking. 

Every year, new techniques and methods were available and I continued to grow as a papercrafter.  Not knowing the opportunities in the papercrafting industry, I wanted to take my skills and use them in my potential career, so in college I went into teaching.  Throughout college, I never ignored my crafting passion by forming a scrapbook club at my college.  After graduation I became a full-time teacher using my crafting skills and techniques to teach students and create fantastic classroom settings. 

Yet, my crafting passion was never fully satisfied.  I learned about the variety of ways to work professionally in the crafting industry and began introducing myself into the crafting world.

First, I became a certified scrapbooking instructor through Scrapbook Design University, where I taught classes through the company Michaels.  Then I went on to found my own business, LizAnne Paper, which offers a variety of classes from scrapbooking, home décor, stamping, and cardmarking.  I also started an Etsy shop named, LizAnne Paper, where I sell a variety of handmade items.  Most recently, I have begun creating custom work including wedding invitations, favors, greeting cards, and more.

Each day, I continue to increase my knowledge of the crafting industry and enjoy a career that I am truly passionate about.